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Communities around the world have spent billions of dollars to put out fires and repair fire damage . . . but now scientists have found a way to prevent the fire in the first place.

As public awareness increases and government legislation tightens, the demands for fire prevention by means of flame-retarding products is increasing. Millions of dollars worth of insurance premiums are calculated on the basis of fire risk. Fires can be crippling in their consequences; both in the destruction of buildings, irreplaceable items and records, and even more tragically, in the loss of precious lives.

RESISTAFIRE, Inc. offers a complete line of NON-TOXIC  fire retardants which will actually render a wide range of flammable materials incapable of sustaining a flame.

RESISTAFIRE, Inc.’s  line of products are revolutionary, high-tech formulas with a simple concept: Whenever a properly treated material is exposed to an open flame, the fire retardant will pyrolitically self-extinguish fire! It's that simple and that remarkable. Rather than worry about how to put out the fire, it's better to prevent it from burning in the first place.

RESISTAFIRE, Inc.’s fire resistant coatings  have endless uses. They will impart fire resistant properties to any absorbent materials and many non-absorbent materials, as well.  They are suitable for a wide range of both natural and synthetic materials including: curtains, upholstery, paper, cardboard, unfinished lumber, wallboard, ceiling panels, hardboard, wallpapers, Christmas trees, bedding, décor materials, work wear, plywood, carpets, etc.

If you are having a new house built, RESISTAFIRE, Inc. can apply a fire resistant coating to your entire interior framework, making it a fire resistant home!

If you have an already existing home, RESISTAFIRE Inc., has fire resistant coatings to meet your needs, as well.

 RESISTAFIRE, Inc.’s non-toxic products  give people time . . . time to react . . . time to escape time to evacuate … time to save lives!



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